Truffle Honey

Truffle Honey: Nine Ways To Pair It

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What Is Truffle Honey?

Truffle honey also known as miele al tartufo is basically honey that has been infused with a slice or more of truffles. The type of honey used is usually acacia honey or chestnut honey. The types of truffles that are used are usually Tuber Aestivum (black summer truffles similar to Burgundy truffles) or Tuber Borchii or Trifola d'Alba (white truffles).


what is truffle honey?

Where Does Truffle Honey Come From?

Truffle honey is known as a popular condiment in the northern part of Italy in a place called Piedmont. Apparently this place is a magical environment for these delicious fungi. The earthy, sweet, distinctive flavor and the beautiful amber hue of this honey makes it so attractive, that it is used in so many different dishes.

Truffle Honey: Nine Ways To Use It:

Honey infused with truffles is a traditional and classical condiment in Italy. The consistency and flavor is well-balanced. You can't mistake the richness of this delicious condiment with the subtle infusion of Italian truffles. You can actually see a slice in the honey jar.

There are many ways to enjoy this beautifully flavored honey. The variety of decadent purposes it serves is plentiful. Here are some ways you can enjoy it.

1. Truffle Honey and Cheese:

When pairing honey and cheese, it's best to use saltier cheeses (the ones with an "umami" flavor). You can do whatever you like, but there is just something that happens when the sweetness of the honey meets with the savoriness of the cheese.

Popular cheeses to pair with truffle honey are: aged cheese (like brie, blue cheese, etc.), Manchego cheese, Pecorino, Parmigiana, cheddar cheese, cambozola, camembert, goat cheese or sheep's cheese, etc. Don't forget to add some pear slices to accompany the cheese and honey! YUMMY!

2. Truffle Honey and Cured Meats:

If you've not experienced (presuming you are a meat lover) - prosciutto and truffle honey - you are truly missing out!  We also have to take into account that you like the truffle flavor. 

Salty meats accompanied with umami flavored cheeses and some truffle honey drizzled over them is quite a delectable experience. Pretty much any cured meat such as: 

  • Serrano ham
  • Pancetta
  • pastrami
  • chorizo
  • pepperoni
  • salami
  • and even bacon

Can be easily paired with the delicious truffle permeated honey. You can have this alone or with other ingredients listed in this blog.


ways to use truffle honey

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3. Truffle Honey Baked Salmon:

Oh My Gosh! Calling all FISH LOVERS! All you have to do is: preheat your oven to 450 F, crush some garlic and smother your salmon piece with it. Take a table spoon of truffle honey and gently massage it into the fish. Sexy, right? Then sprinkle some sea salt and chop up some dill to garnish your salmon. Stick it in the oven for about 15 minutes and you're going to have a feast!  

Enjoy your salmon with some baked potatoes and a nice glass of amazing Italian wine!

4. Eggplant Chips and Truffle Honey:

Italians love eggplant - and zucchini! You can use either of these vegetables. The truffle flavored honey brings out the savoriness of the baked or fried vegetables. Chop us some rosemary to sprinkle over the dish and WOW ... an amazing aroma occurs!

5. Truffle Honey and Grilled Asparagus: 

There is something intriguing about drizzling this mouth watering condiment of freshly grilled asparagus. Italians love it! Be sure to have prepared your asparagus by marinating with some extra virgin olive oil, lemon and sea salt. Once it is nicely grilled, gently pour your magic secret ingredient over your dish. You'll have your guests going for seconds and thirds! 

6. Baked Beet Salad With Truffle Honey:

Go easy on the honey with this one. Bake your freshly washed beets in an oven at 450 for an hour. Keep checking to make sure they are tender. Once removed and cooled down, peel the skin off - some people love the skin though.

Chop up the beets and season with sea salt and olive oil. Chop up red onions and throw them in there. For the final touch, a teaspoon of truffle honey. Mix that all up and enjoy. This is great for you vegans and vegetarians. For the vegetarians and others, you can throw in some goat cheese on there! 

7. Truffle Honey, Whisky and Walnut Oil Marinade:

Are we going overboard here? Absolutely not! The world of gourmet food is endless and you can allow your imagination to run wild. For those who are really into trying new things, you can whisk up these ingredients for an amazing steak marinade or for other meats like chicken, lamb, or even vegetables (if you prefer to avoid meat).

8. Desserts and Truffle Oil:

We promise you that we are not going crazy. If you've not had it - don't judge it! Try drizzling a teaspoon full of our secret ingredient over a bowl of ice cream. You can explore this world even further by trying it on other desserts; imagine it drizzled over a freshly baked pastry! Anybody's mouth watering yet?

9. Fruits and Truffle Oil:

Truffle oil is amazing paired with fruits. It is not uncommon in Italian cuisine, to drizzle some of this delicious honey over tangy fruits and even dried fruits. You could have this alone or add some cheese (mentioned above) to the mix.

There are so many other ways to to enjoy truffle honey, we hope you enjoyed the few that we mentioned. You are the one experiencing it, so you can use your imagination and experiment with different foods.

Truffle honey has been known to pair well with crispy breads, used as a marinade for glazing game birds, crostini and ricotta cheese, gourmet pizza, on caprese salad, greek honey, creamy polenta, salted cod … the opportunities are endless!

How To Store Truffle Honey:

It’s important to not keep the honey for too long as it tends to lose its magnificent fragrance over a longer period of time. However, it should always be stored in a dark, cool environment.

Where Can I Find Truffle Honey?

It has become more popular in mainstream supermarkets, however the best place to buy truffle honey would be at an Italian grocery store. Check out our selection of organic honey and other authentic Italian food. It also makes for a perfect gift!

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 where to buy truffle honey 

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