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Three Most Popular Italian Flours

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What Italian Flour Is Good For Baking?

Do you like baking? Then you need to find the best Italian baking flour for your recipe. In this post we will guide you to choose the best flour type. You will find all you need at our online Italian grocery store! You will discover an incredible range of different flours; so it’s ok if you’re a bit confused.


italian 00 flour


In Italy, there are two basic types of wheat: grano tenero and grano duro. Grano duro is commonly known as durum wheat -- perfect for making pasta and bread. Sometimes, durum wheat is even called pasta wheat.

Molino Grassi's Organic Semolina Flour could be a perfect solution for your homemade yellow pasta such as tagliatelle. This artisanal pasta is made with durum wheat and could be combined with pesto traditional sauce or with a tomato sauce; simply unforgettable! 

1. Durum Wheat

Sometimes durum wheat is called semolina. This type is more grainy than flour and there are even different grades of graininess! Semola (which is finer) is an essential ingredient for making pizza, mixed with soft wheat flour or Manitoba flour.

Organic semolina is a great solution for your artisan bread and you could distinguish it because it’s coarser and darker than wheat flour.

If you’re a home-made Italian pasta fan or even a couscous lover, semolina is the answer. The high level of gluten in durum wheat keeps the pasta shape during cooking for a very long time and it makes the bread's crust tastier.


organic semolina


We suggest you use organic semolina, made with 100% natural ingredients and it is GMO-free. That way you can be sure to use the perfect and healthiest ingredients for your recipes.

You can use durum wheat even for making cakes like a semolina yoghurt pie or a durum cake. The latter is a dense and moist sweet pie, made with olive oil from Italy and, of course, with great Italian baking flour.

Semolina cake, also known in Italy as Torta di semolino, is a fast and cheap recipe that is perfect for an afternoon tea, covered with whipped cream for a super tasty dessert.

If you’re a fan of pasta from Italy you can use durum wheat to create different regional recipes.


pasta from Italy


2. Italian 00 Flour

This double 0 flour is quite famous in Italy and it’s known as farina doppio zero. There is a specific grading system and it starts from 2 to 00. Italian 00 flour is the most refined one with a small percentage of gluten/protein. You can use 00 flour for baking pizza, cakes and pasta. You can consider it as the “everyday flour” and a great ingredient for different recipes of authentic Italian food.


 Italian cake flour


Antimo Caputo 00 flour is a perfect example of soft wheat flour. It helps you create an amazing pizza, due to soft starch and high hydration level. The Caputo 00 flour is created for long fermentation with elastic gluten that satisfies the pizza’s fanatic inside you.

Alternatively if you’re looking for a gluten-free solution, we suggest you Caputo Gluten Free flour. With gluten free flour you can prepare delicious recipes and the finest quality pizza and breads. Using gluten-free flour will reduce symptoms in gluten sensitive people and could be a good solution if you want to try something different in your diet or explore new recipes.

You might get the craving for and decide to bake a delicious, tasty and easy vegan chocolate cake using gluten free flour. The final result will surprise you! Believe us.

3. Manitoba Flour

This common wheat flour is considered a “strong” flour. You can use it mixed with other flours. It is known for its high protein content. Manitoba Flour is a baking flour that is a perfect match for a more elastic-icky dough; generally used to make bread or pizza.

If you want to prepare rosemary focaccia bread, Manitoba flour could be your first choice for the dough. You can even prepare croissants or plum-cakes with this flour. We suggest this flour for dough that needs a while to rise, plus you get the added bonus of the deliciously strong fragrance of the final product.



With a distinctive taste, this flour can not only create delicious dishes, but also easy to digest food with a high protein content.

Are these flours good for baking?

Yes, they are. In fact, you can use durum wheat flour to bake home-made bread in addition to various cakes that use semolina. If you want real “cake flour” we recommend you get Italian 00 flour. This is a great choice for both cakes and pizza.

Molino Grassi flour, due to its elastic quality is recommended for doughs that need longer to rise and are better for foods such as pizza or croissants. You can find those products online, at our Italian grocery store with other regional specialities of the Bel Paese.

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