The Perfect Valentine Gift Online for Your Sweetheart

The Perfect Valentine Gift Online for Your Sweetheart

Alessandro Clemente

Valentine’s day, the day of endless love, is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to make it an extra bit special for you and your sweetheart with the best range of valentine gift online.

Shower all our love on your dearest one on this day and pamper them with gifts and treats all day. Although you try your best to make them happy every day, even the smallest gesture of love on this day will have a greater meaning to them. You love them and they know it, but a small present is not only an expression of love but also a reminder that you are unafraid to show it and embrace it.

Also, when your love knows no bounds, why should you limit yourself to just a fancy dinner date? Shower them with unlimited gifts this Valentine’s day with Italian Food Online Store, and watch their smiles get a bit wider and their laughter a bit louder.

Explore Our Range of Best Valentine’s Gifts for 2020

Looking for a Valentine special gift for your sweetheart is a daydream. You can plan to give them everything they deserve throughout the romance week and spend hours buying them online. But, it can soon turn into a nightmare if you trust a substandard seller. At Italian Food Online Store, we take gifting seriously. We have a huge range of authentic Italian Valentine’s chocolates, cookies, candies, and much more for your loved ones. 

Here are our top picks:

Mediterraneo Tin with Puff Pastries and Shortbread Cookies by Vicenzi

This beautiful tin box contains delicious puff pastries and shortbread cookies by Italy’s favorite Vicenzi. This cookie box not only makes an excellent gift pack but also a delicious munching must-have. The packaging of this Valentine special gift is top-notch! The bright colorful design inspired by Cinque Terre will instantly take your lover on a romantic Italian tour. The tin comes with a blackboard lid and a chalk, which will allow you to send them a sweet note along with a sweet gift. 

Sweety Lovers Gift Basket for Him - 6 pieces

This chocolate valentines gifts basket has the perfect combination of sweet treats for your man. If he loves Italian chocolates, he will be impressed by your choice. And if he doesn’t, he will start loving them. This basket has some of the best Italian chocolates and sweet specialties. The basket contains:

  • Baci Extra Dark Chocolate 70% by Perugina - 5 oz.
  • Dark Chocolate Limoncello Bar by Perugina - 3.5 oz
  • Dark Chocolate Orange Orangello Bar by Perugina - 3.5 oz
  • Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa and Milk by Rigoni di Asiago - 9.52 oz
  • Baci Original Dark Chocolate by Perugina - 5 oz.
  • Italian Chocolate & Almonds Specialty Ciottoli d'Abruzzo (Jar) by Pan Ducale - 5.3 oz

Baci Original Dark Chocolate by Perugina - 5 oz.

Looking for the ultimate Italian Valentines chocolate to give them this chocolate day? You can never go wrong with Baci. They will fall in love with this masterpiece chocolate, holding the perfect balance of taste, hazelnut grains, a soft inner core, and a whole crunchy hazelnut inside. It tastes better than the description sounds. 

Fruit, Milk, Chocolate & Coffee Filled Hard Assorted Candy

What can be better than healthy candy for your loved one this Valentine’s? This is our favorite gem in the collection of gluten free valentine candy available on our store. Coming from the house of Sperlari, one of Italy’s favorite candy manufacturers, this is an assortment of some of their best hard candies and fruit jellies, priced only for $5.98. This is the perfect solution to their midnight cravings for something sweet. It is gluten-free, with no artificial coloring, and no artificial flavoring - as healthy as it can be.     

We have many more options of Valentine’s sweet treats for your dearest one. From our huge range of chocolates, candies, puff pastries, cookies, and other traditional Italian sweet preparations, choose something that they can’t resist. Your search for the best valentines gifts online will definitely end at Italian Food Online Store as we have treats that are not only delicious but also come in excellent packaging. Also, if you wish to put in some extra love into the gift, make Italian chocolates at home on your own with this easy recipe of homemade Valentine’s chocolates

Happy Valentine’s!

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