Authentic Italian Food

Ten Top Authentic Italian Dishes

Alessandro Clemente

What are Ten Top Popular Italian Dishes?

There's no better place to enjoy the finest authentic Italian food

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than in the place where all these foods originated, which is in Italy itself. But if you don't have a European vacation planned, you can do the next best thing, which is to purchase the best ingredients from an Italian supermarket and make your own classic dishes.

The outstanding dishes below have a firm foundation in Italian tradition, and many of them have been passed down from generation to generation through the ages. Many transplanted Italians living in America have kept alive these traditions, and routinely prepare some of these wonderful foods for their families.

Having a great resource like this Italian grocery store at your disposal will provide you with everything you need - except for the native Italian attitude - to go ahead and treat your family to some of Italy's finest eating. 

1. Pasta and Pizza 

If you want your pizza and your Italian pasta to be the very best, you should start with Italian 00 Flour since that is truly the gold standard for pizza dough, as well as pasta.

Some American manufacturers do market 00 flour, but it's not the same as flour from Italy, where it is ground into extremely fine granules. That results in pizza crust that is chewy and crispy, which is how most people prefer a really good pizza.

Many Italian chefs prefer working with Caputo 00 flour, which is made from winter wheat and ground to a very fine consistency. It's not only easy to work with, but it produces a mouth-watering pizza crust, as well as pasta that tastes just like pasta from Italy. If you're wondering where to buy 00 flour, go online and shop for this and all your other Italian specialty foods at our Italian Food Online Store.

Where to buy authentic Italian pasta


2. Arancini 

Arancini is a dish which consists of stuffed rice balls, and the rice balls themselves are coated lightly with breadcrumbs before frying.

The ingredients which you stuff into the rice balls will vary from one village to another in Italy, so no matter what you choose to stuff your own with, it will probably be authentic to some Italian village.

Some examples are marinara sauce, tomato puree, mozzarella, creamy bechamel sauce, eggplant tomato sauce, and eggplant itself (arancini con melanzane). 

You can learn how to make arancini.


Authentic Italian Arancini


3. Osso Buco alla Milanese 

This is a dish for meat lovers, and it features tender veal shanks braised in white wine and served with a whole catalog of vegetables. Add a touch of lemon, some garlic and parsley, and a bit of aromatic gremolata, and your Osso Buco will be complete.

To enjoy the full Italian experience, after the meal has been eaten, invite your guests to scoop out the tasty marrow from the bones of the veal shanks. 


Osso Buco


4. Ribollita 

Traditionally, this was considered a poor man's food, because in old times, servants collected leftover foods and boiled them in water to make ribollita.

In English, the name of this dish would translate to 'reboiled', but you can make a rich and hearty meal of it by including bread, croutons, beans, hearty greens, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. This is a terrific soup which will warm you up on even the coldest day.


Ribollita is an authentic Italian dish


5. Gelato 

This is the ice cream specialty of Italy, and it's always best when consumed direct from an Italian vendor. It is also obtainable in this country, having enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years.


Gelato is a popular Italian dessert


While you may not want to take a stab at making your own gelato, you would do well to purchase some and have it on the menu when you have guests over for an authentic Italian dinner.


Gelato is an authentic Italian dish



This is a favorite Italian treat, made with honey, toasted nuts, citrus juice, and egg whites. You'll find thick slabs of this confection all throughout Italy, but it's also available from a number of sources here, including your Italian Food Online Store. This is a wonderful treat to serve as a snack or even for dessert if you so choose.


Torrone is an Italian dessert



Tiramisu is a well-known and much-appreciated Italian dessert, and it has become extremely popular in this country as well. A very delicate treat, it is made with ladyfingers, cocoa, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and coffee, and the result is oh so tasty!

Some Italian chefs like to prepare variations on this dessert, producing chocolate or fruity tiramisu.




8. Saltimbocca

The ingredients used in making saltimbocca are held together with a toothpick when served, and consist of herb leaves, salty prosciutto, and thin veal slices.

They are all sauteed in a pan together until the veal has been thoroughly cooked, which means the other ingredients will be done also. If you like, you can substitute chicken or mutton for the veal.


What is Saltimbocca?


9. Prosciutto 

Prosciutto is a dry-cured ham, which does not require cooking of any kind and which is served in thin slices. You may be familiar with it from having it on submarines and heros at your local sub shop.

In Italy, it is most frequently served as a side dish with pasta or it may be wrapped around melon pieces or slices of cheese.


prosciutto a popular Italian food


10. Lasagna 

Make sure to purchase your Caputo 00 flour from the Italian Food Online Store to ensure the success of your lasagna, and that should mean you will automatically please all your guests.

Between the layers of pasta, add in your favorite Italian ingredients like mozzarella, ground beef, vegetables, and whatever your favorite sauce might be, e.g. ragu, tomato sauce, or bechamel.

This is one of the most beloved of all Italian dishes, and it will deliver a true taste of Italy that all your guests will be certain to enjoy.


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