Authentic Italian Flour for baking bread

Six Easy Recipes for Italian Flour

Alessandro Clemente

 Looking For Easy Authentic Italian Recipes?

Imported Italian flour is one of the simplest, most delicious ways to establish a wonderful building block for many different recipes. Whether you are using it in sauces, doughs or to create delightfully airy deserts, the quality of your dishes begins with using the best ingredients available, beginning with its basic building block, flour.

Using imported flour from Italy may seem intimidating to those that are used to using all purpose flour. The truth is that making the switch is quite easy, and you will find that your tastebuds and body will thank you for doing so!

Below are six easy recipes for using Italian flour.

1. Make it into a Rue

Using Italian Flour For Rues

    A simple white rue is easy to do, as long as you have a few minutes to dedicate to it. Not only is it easy, once you have mastered a basic rue, you have the building block to form a number of wonderful culinary delights, such as gravy for turkey or chicken or an unbeatable base for macaroni and cheese!

    How to make a Rue:

    To make a rue, simply melt a quarter cup of butter in a pan, and slowly stir in a quarter cup of imported Italian flour. You want to do this slowly, and over low heat. Simply add a little flour, stir, then add a little more.

    Once all the flour has been added, stir the entire thing for a minute or two until it browns into a paste like consistency.

    Then you want to add a cup of light cream, slowly, stirring as you go. Once this has been absorbed, add a cup of milk in the same manner. Stir until thickened, and you have yourself a white rue!

    2. Create a Wonderfully Chewy Pizza Crust

    How to make authentic Italian Pizza Crust:

      When it comes to making pizza crust, Caputo 00 flour is the way to go, the blue variety in particular. Caputo 00 flour creates a crust that is both airy and chewy, with a perfect density that is never overly heavy or gluey.

      • Start by proofing your yeast, which means mixing warm water, sugar and yeast together and letting it set until it begins to bubble.
      • Then add a splash of olive oil and two cups of Caputo 00 flour with a dash of salt.
      • As you stir, the dough will begin to form a ball. You can add more flour if needed, and once it is the consistency you are looking for, simply transfer to a floured surface and stretch out into a perfect crust for pizza!
      • From here, you can add sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you desire, and put the whole thing in the oven at 450 degrees for a dinner that’s sure to please the entire family!

      3. Create Your Own Homemade Pasta Dishes

      How to make authentic Italian pasta:

        To make the best pasta at home, you ideally want to use organic Semolina flour, due to its precise grain size and consistency in texture, but red Caputo 00 flour can be used as well.  

        • Add two cups of Semolina flour in a heaping mound into the center of a large mixing bowl, then dig out a hole in the middle of the flour and add two large eggs, plus three egg yolks.
        • Begin the mixing process with a fork, and move onto using your hands as everything begins to come together.
        • At this point, the easiest thing to do is put the dough through a pasta maker after transferring it to a floured surface and kneading it lightly before letting it rest for approximately half an hour at room temperature. 

          4. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

          How to make Italian Desserts:

            Italian baking flour makes for a wonderfully light, airy alternative to regular baking flour in regards to creating a delicious cake, cookie or pastry.

            Baking a cake might initially seem like an intimidating thing to do, but it's actually much easier than it seems.

            • Simply whisk together 3 2/3 cups of Italian baking flour with salt, baking powder and baking soda.
            • Then use a mixer to cream one and a half cups of room temperature butter and one and a half cups of sugar together before adding three eggs and two eggs whites with a dash of vanilla extract, beating the whole thing together until just combined.
            • Then you gradually add the dry ingredients, until everything is well mixed together with a slightly thick texture. You can then pour the cake batter into greased pans and bake, before frosting and decorating as desired.

            5. Make a Delicious Crusty Italian Bread

            How to make Authentic Italian Bread:

              Italian bread is a wonderful accompaniment to many different dishes, and it’s also delicious when enjoyed with a simple soup or salad, or simply on its own with butter or olive oil and herbs.

              Organic Molino Grassi flour is ideal for creating these breads, as its soft texture has a perfect ratio of chewiness to crunch.

              • Simply dissolve sugar in warm water, add some yeast and let it set for about five minutes before adding Molino Grassi flour and mixing until everything is well combined.
              • Knead for about five minutes, then set the dough ball aside covered with a warm wet towel to allow the dough to rise.
              • Once this has occurred, you want to punch it down by kneading, and allow to rise one more time before baking.

              For a truly authentic Italian taste, you can brush the loaf with olive oil as its almost done baking and sprinkle with some oregano, grated garlic and parmesan cheese.

              6. Create a Savory Breakfast Dish

              While we are all about Italian dishes, it's sometimes nice to veer off course and integrate other cultures into the Italian cuisine experience.

              A common dish from Southern India, one of the primary ingredients in Upma is organic Semolina flour. 

              • It combines one cup of dry roasted Semolina flour with oil and mustard seed and dry red chili along with peanuts and cashews which are sautéed until browned.
              • Then combined with green chili, ginger, garlic and onion.
              • Then salt and pepper and water, and cooked until everything becomes condensed.
              • This is a great vegan option that combines tons of flavor while still being quite healthy.

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