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Seven Top Ingredients in Authentic Italian Food

Alessandro Clemente

What Are Top Ingredients in Authentic Italian Food?

Most people who know anything at all about Italian cuisine, are aware that some of the basics include pastas, sauces, and lots of different cheeses.

Regionally, there are literally tons of variants to this fundamental food base in Italy, and they are all made by using authentic Italian ingredients. The ingredients you would need to make authentic Italian food can be purchased online, if you don't happen to live near an Italian supermarket.

Whatever kind of Italian food you're thinking of preparing, you'll find everything you need at this online Italian grocery store. Here are seven of the most iconic ingredients used in making Italian food, and if you love the food, you should keep a ready supply of these on hand.

1. Extra virgin olive oil 

Olive oil is frequently used when cooking in Italy, but it's also used quite often as a garnish, so as to deliver a somewhat peppery flavor to the meal.

Many people also enjoy using it as a dip for their focaccia bread, or drizzling it lightly over a fresh salad. There are as many different brands and flavors to extra virgin olive oil as there are Italian dishes.

You may want to find one you like and stick with it, or you may want to use several, depending on how you're using it in the meal.


Italian olive oil


2. Italian pasta 

While pasta from Italy can be thought of as an ingredient itself, it is also comprised of several other authentic ingredients, such as flour from Italy, salt, water, olive oil, and eggs.

When possible, the flour used should be Caputo 00 flour, which is Italian 00 flour considered to be the gold standard for making pizza or pasta.

If you're wondering where to buy 00 flour, you'll find it at our Italian Food Online Store, along with most of these other ingredients.


Italian flour


3. Garlic 

Anyone who has actually visited the country will know how popular garlic is as a cooking ingredient. It is very often sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, so as to create a very flavorful cooking base which can be incorporated into endless different Italian dishes.


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It's a rare meal in Italy which doesn't include garlic in at least one dish being served. It's always good to keep handy, a jar of preserved garlic in case you run out of the fresh stuff!

4. Plum Tomatoes 

These are one of the often-used varieties of tomatoes in Italian cuisine, but in truth there are quite a few other varieties of tomato which are also used to produce genuine Italian foods.


plum tomatoes


Many Italians have their own supposedly secret family recipes for creating pasta sauce, and of course, crushed tomatoes are at the heart of all these sauce recipes.

5. Italian cheeses

Italian cheeses go all the way back to Roman times, when they were smoked to perfection and aged to produce mouth-watering varieties.

Some of the harder cheeses will have a grainy type of texture, and these are often shaved over salads. Softer cheeses like mozzarella are used to melt over such dinner favorites as pizza and lasagna.

Other very popular varieties include Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano, and Pecorino, which is a tasty cheese made from goat's milk.


Italian cheese


6. Red and white wines 

Wine is ubiquitous in Italian culture, both as a preferred beverage, and as a cooking ingredient. When Italians aren't enjoying a glass of their favorite wine, they're using it to simmer meat dishes in.

It is also a popular ingredient in making those secret family recipe pasta sauces, because nothing can add a more distinctive flavor to a pasta sauce than a unique red wine or white wine.


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7. Porcini mushrooms 

Most chefs in the U.S. are obliged to get their Porcini mushrooms from either an Italian grocery store or the online store. However, in Italy they can be found growing at the base of oak or pine trees, especially in the Tuscany region.

Porcinis can be added in either a fresh or dried condition to sauces cooked in risotto, or they can be simmered gently in a good wine sauce, providing excellent texture to any dish.


Italian imported foods


There are of course, a great many more traditional ingredients used in Italian cooking, but if you can only get your hands on these seven, you'll be off to a good start.

Then you can supplement your supplies by making occasional purchases from the Italian Food Online Store, so you'll have some flexibility in preparing your own authentic Italian dishes.

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