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Today we switch gears - instead of talking about recipes and food we are going to share a bit about one of our most favorite Italian beverages. From the Italian Alps, this thirst-quenching, natural mineral water has been famous for over a century now.

This water is the true unique stamp of Italian taste! Not only is it fresh and revitalizing, but it comes in beautiful bottles and containers. From the still water, sparkling, bubbly water to the sparkling fruit flavored drinks, Sanpellegrino has continued to maintain a fine mineral balance in all its drinks.


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What is Sanpellegrino?

Sanpellegrino is an Italian beverage company that began around 1899 in the town of San Pellegrino, Terme. In 1908 S.Pellegrino's production of mineral water collected from the bottom of the Italian Alps and distribution was already growing far beyond Europe. This mineral water was desired in other continents: Asia (China, India), Africa (Egypt) and as far as Sydney, Australia.


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This delicious thirst-quenching beverage in beautiful, sexy bottles depicted a sense of good health and certain 'bourgeoisie' - always present during 'fine-dining' experiences.

In 1932, the first fruit beverages were introduced. Bursting with a citrusy orange flavor, this drink was a great hit! To this day, a cold sparkling and refreshing "Aranciata" does not fail to satisfy a thirsty throat!



Italian fruit beverages

The following quote is taken from:

"The whole world is drinking S.Pellegrino! Why? Because S.Pellegrino “is a classy water for everyone!”. It’ll make you “happy to be thirsty.”


Is San Pellegrino healthy?

Since this natural mineral water is from natural springs at the bottom of the Italian Alps called the Dolomite mountains, it is in contact with minerals such as limestone and other mineral rich volcanic rocks.

The carbonation is actually added after the water is collected, at the bottling facility where it is purified, processed etc. 

Leonardo da Vinci referred to this mineral water as "miracle water"  because of it's therapeutic properties. Hence, spas and hotels were built close to the sources where the wealthier people would visit frequently to reap its "health benefits".

Studies have shown that sparkling water, because of the carbonation actually helps in digestion. Other sources say that mineral water is beneficial to your health because it contains natural sulphates; minerals found in eggs and broccoli which are essential for the human body.

This mineral water also contains magnesium which is lacking from most Americans today. Magnesium is beneficial for the neurological system. Then there is calcium, bicarbonates and other important trace minerals that are highly necessary for our bones structure and more!


Is San Pellegrino a soda?

Just because it is bubbly and maybe be infused with fruit flavors, this drink can come across as a soda, but it is not. The word soda is usually associated with "club soda" or fizzy and bubbly drinks (commonly known as "real soda) but the intention behind this fruit beverages was not meant for what we Americans called "soda".

Generic sodas or "soda beverages" generally have a higher level of sugars which end of being very detrimental to your health, not to mention, "dental health" amongst others.

We prefer to call them "sparkling fruit beverages"!


Does Sanpellegrino contain alcohol?

S.pellegrino products are non-alcoholic beverages. However, when you are at a fine dining restaurant, it is usually served or paired with an alcoholic beverage such an Italian wine, or and Italian Prosecco and such.

So basically it is a non-alcoholic citrus or fruit flavored beverage from Italy that is known all around the world.  

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