Salty Healthy Snacks as Appetizers - Kings of Every Traditional Italian Meal

Salty Healthy Snacks as Appetizers - Kings of Every Traditional Italian Meal

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A typical Italian meal consists of 5 courses- appetizer, first course, second course, side dish and of course, desserts. The most important is the appetizer, otherwise known as the il primo. This section consists of salty healthy snacks which help to work up your appetite so that you can relish the rest of the meal. If you want to enjoy the true flavours of Italian cuisine, you don't want to miss out on these.

While we are on the subject of salty snack foods, there are a number of salty Italian baked food items that deserve special mention. The famous Italian brands that bring us these savoury delicacies are Mulino Bianco, Pavesi, Asturi and Casa Vecchio Mulino. The salty snack foods by these brands need not necessarily be enjoyed before a five-course meal only. You can munch on them any time to satiate your hunger in a healthy way.

Best Salty Italian Snacks of All Times 

If you are impressed by the refined flavour of Italian wine, delicious Italian cheese and savoury Italian desserts, it's time to get more pleasant surprises by the cuisine. Here are the all-time favourite healthy salty snacks to buy: 

  • Taralli
  • As we know, Bella Italia is the home of different types of bread sticks. Since, baked food is the strong suit of Italian cuisine, let's start with a unique breadstick cracker. It belongs to the southern part of the Italian Peninsula and is similar to the texture of a pretzel. In general, they are savoury and light. However, if you want a sweet spin, glaze it with sugar. This is the most popular Italian salty cracker recipe that is used by people worldwide for relinquishing their cravings for something savoury.

  • Arancini
  • These are golden rice balls that have a savoury filling of ingredients inside consisting of meat sauce, peas, cheese such as mozzarella and pecorino, tomatoes and dried prosciutto. They are deep fried in hot oil which gives them the golden glaze. If you enjoy the bitter-sweet fusion, dust it with cocoa and sugar. Arancini is a Sicilian favourite, originated during the 10th century.

  • Panzerotti
  • The Carnival season in Italy is incomplete without these salty snack foods. They are of crescent-shape and have a striking similarity with Calzone pizzas. The main ingredients are tomatoes and mozzarella. Other than that, onions, olives, zucchini, provolone and speck-fontina are also used as a filling. They are deep fried in olive oil which makes them extra healthy and tasty.

  • Italian Chex Mix
  • To experience the ultimate zest of salty Italian snack food, the Italian chex mix has to be tried. It is seasoned with mustard powder and baked with melted butter to form crunchy golden-brown crackers. You can also top it off pretzels and peanuts. The bold flavours will come to the surface of you sprinkle it with a dash of Balsamic vinegar.

  • Bruschetta
  • Every one of us enjoys garlic bread once in a while. Bruschetta is garlic bread up a notch. The classic version of this snack is tomato toppings with olive oil and salt. If you enjoy a mouthful of flavours, you can add cured meat, beans, vegetables and cheese. Bruschetta is a traditional summer favourite in Italy. You can buy yummy Bruschettini toast online or prepare it easily at home with simple ingredients bought from the local bazaar.

    These are some of the healthy salty snacks to buy for making the next house party a little more exciting.

    From Where to Buy Salty Healthy Snacks Online? 

    If you are searching for a variety of healthy salty snacks to buy, visit the Italian Food Online Store. It has a huge section of delicious and savoury Italian snacks imported from the supermarkets in Italy to deliver nothing but authentic Italian flavours at your doorstep. 

    Some of the bestselling items of Italian Food Online Store deserve special mention- Croutons with Olive Oil NOT FRIED "Mediterranean Style", Breadsticks slow cooked "Natural Style" and Breadsticks slow cooked with Olive Oil by PaneAlba, Michetti Crackers Oven Baked by Mulino Bianco, Crackers with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oven Baked "Le Schiacciate" by Pavesi, Bruschettini Toasts with Virgin Olive Oil by Asturi, Whole Wheat Italian Crackers and Salted Italian Crackers without Coarse Salt by Mulino Bianco. The best part is that you will get all of these amazing Italian bakery salty snacks at the best prices. 

    You can always enjoy our Italian crackers with our premium Italian cold cuts!

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