Most-Loved Artisan Italian Chocolates - Enjoy the Richness of 100% Authentic Cocoa this Holiday Season

Most-Loved Artisan Italian Chocolates - Enjoy the Richness of 100% Authentic Cocoa this Holiday Season

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The history of Italian chocolate is just like Italian cuisine- rich and exquisite. It was not before 1492 that the first traces of cocoa arrived in Europe but Bella Italia still had a long way to go to discover chocolate.

Almost 30 years later, a renowned Spanish explorer brought cocoa beans and chocolate recipes from Mexico which was kept a secret by the monks in Spanish monasteries. However, nothing good remains a secret for long and during the 1600s Italian traveler Antonio Carletti unfolded the "Spanish" secret of chocolates and brought it to Italy. Soon enough the chocolate drink came to be known as a royal delicacy that was approved and marketed by the Catholic Churches as well.

Soon enough chocolate started getting popular in other European countries too like Switzerland, Holland and England. Each one of these countries played an important role in the transformation and evolution of chocolate. Mention may be made of the various famous Italian brands that bring the most refined chocolates to us such as Baci Perugina, Mulino Bianco and Venchi. You can shop for Italian chocolates online to get your hands on an assorted variety of chocolates from these brands.

Best Artisan Italian Chocolates 

Italian chocolate makers have been producing some of the most-loved artisan Italian chocolates all these years that have now become an intrinsic part of the country's culture.

Some of them can be described as follows:

  • Rum Cuneese Chocolate
  • As the name suggests, these are chocolates with a wholesome filling of rum and chocolate paste. Undoubtedly, it has an intense flavour with a melt in the mouth texture. This is an extremely exquisite chocolate that is mostly enjoyed in elite gatherings or candle light dinners. Rum Cunisee chocolates are made from authentic cocoa and butter. No substitute oils are used that could alter the taste and composition of this delicacy.

  • Gianduja Chocolates
  • This is one of the classics of Italy because the method goes back years ago and consists of basically how chocolate was made in Italy in the beginning- by mixing Italian dark chocolate and hazelnut. Otherwise known as Gianduja, it was discovered in Turin during the reign of Napoleon. Originally, Gianduja comes as a semi-solid cream that is cut up into confectionery delights but years of working with the recipe, one can also make Gianduja pralines, bars or shells.

    Nowadays, you can easily get Gianduja Italian chocolates online from various brands at the best prices to end the holiday gatherings and special occasions on a sweet note.

  • Ferrero Chocolates
  • Till now Ferrero chocolates i.e. Ferrero Rochers are regarded as the most exquisite chocolates of Italy with rich and contrasting flavours of chocolate and hazelnuts. This praline candy features a milk chocolate shell with a heavenly filling of creamy milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. Just like Italian chocolate, Ferrero has also undergone transformation. What was originally made from just milk chocolate also became an amazing item when made with Italian dark chocolate.

    Shop for yummy assorted chocolates online or from the local bazaar to enjoy the rich and authentic Italian sweetness every now and then. With Christmas arriving, you can also buy Italian artisan chocolates to add to the gift baskets and send your love to the close ones.

    What is The Best Place to Buy Italian Chocolates Online?

    If you are searching for the best assorted chocolates online, there could not be a better place other than Italian Food Online Store. From Baci Italian chocolate to Venchi Hazelnut spreads, we have it all. No need to worry about where to buy Baci chocolate or other branded sweet Italian delicacies anymore because Italian Food Online Store presents a wide range of products like Dark Chocolate Limoncello Bar, Cappuccino Milk Chocolate Bar, Baci Original Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Bar and Baci Original Dark Fine Chocolate Truffle with Hazelnuts by Perugina.

    Apart from Baci italian chocolate by Perugina,  there are a lot of other branded products as well like Wafers with Chocolate Cream Filling by Loacker, Chocolate Spread with 50% Hazelnuts Gianduja by Venchi, Ringo Cacao Cookies with Chocolate Cream by Pavesi and Grisbì Double Chocolate Cream filled Cookies by Vicenzi. All our items are authentic and directly imported from the supermarkets of Italy.

    You can easily place an order online by adding your favourite Italian chocolate to cart and providing shipping details while checking out. 

    We also have safe and fast payment methods like PayPal and credit card transactions. The real cherry on top is that if you order items worth $69 or more, your order will be delivered without any additional shipping charges. Offer is only valid for US customers. Happy Shopping!

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