Italian Honey

Italian honey: A brand new taste journey

Alessandro Clemente

If you want to add something different to your breakfast instead of sugar, Italian honey can be the answer! Let’s find different types of honey to add new energy to your day!

Honey can be a great option to sweeten coffee, yogurt, desserts, and it's great in a combo with aged cheese. This nourishment has great qualities and provides healthful benefits for health. 100% organic, it is a natural superfood for adults and children. There are over 300 different types of honey with a lot of properties and benefits.

At our online store, you will find the best organic Italian honey to start your day with energy.

But now it’s time to find out the different types of honey available and their peculiarities.

Acacia honey

The acacia honey has a typical light color and delicate scent. It is made from the white flowers of the Robinia plant and you can find it in Tuscany, Veneto, Piedmont and Lombardy.

It is a great ingredient for people who like soft and tender taste.

The lighter the color is, the purer will be the quality. It is perfect for children and you can use it to make some cakes and desserts too. Due to its mild flavour, it doesn’t affect the original taste of your course.

That’s the reason why it is used as garnishment for meat, fish and cheese. Even at the lowest temperature, it remains liquid. It crystallizes very slowly, because of great fructose’s concentration. You can find Italian Acacia honey at our online store, produced by Brezzo brand and by Rigoni di Asiago too.

Our suggested recipes with Italian Acacia honey are: Cheesecake, Pan di Stelle cake with chocolate and honey and a Detox Energy drink made with water, acacia honey and apple cider vinegar.

Orange honey

From the southern regions of Italy, you can taste this delicious Orange honey and its properties, from our store directly to your table. From the orange blossoms, the bees create this citrus flavoured honey.

The plants flourish in spring and the Orange honey has light color, with an initial mild flavour that becomes sweeter after some time. This honey shares with other honey types the same anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is a great energy source for athletes and children and can be used as a cough sedative as well.

Great with cheese, it’s the right ingredient for pastry too, thanks to its sweet and delicate taste. From honey extraction to the filtering phase, all the honey’s properties are well preserved. That’s the secret of great quality that preserves the benefits and the original purity.

You can use this honey for creating a sweet pudding, an orange cake, or some delicious orange honey biscuits for your children. A tablespoon of Orange honey is great with mozzarella or on top of scamorza cheese.

Chestnut honey

Let’s pass to something stronger. It is a fact that chestnut honey is marked by a persistent bitter note and a dark color. Its flavour is completely different from the other ones, but it’s no less important than nourishment food.

As the name suggests, this honey is made from the flower nectar of chestnut trees. The flowers bloom in June and July. Chestnut honey has brown color and it is recommended for the ones who like a strong taste. If you are looking for a sweetener for your drinks or cakes the Chestnut honey is not the best choice.

It is naturally liquid and can be a perfect match with aged cheese like Pecorino or with Grana Padano. Organic Chestnut honey by Rigoni di Asiago is a good starting point if you want to try a different taste with personality and high nutritional values.

A chocolate cake with Chestnut honey or some muffins can be the perfect match for this unique superfood. If you want to try something different, you can prepare a sweet Chestnut honey risotto for your guests, an unexpected first course for a winter dinner.

Wildflowers honey

Made with the nectar of different blossoms, the wildflowers honey is also known as polyfloral honey. This is the reason why the taste of this honey can change, according to the collecting season, type of flowers and region too.

It is also known as millefiori honey, and the flavour can be defined as somewhat aromatic. You can find wildflowers with light color and the darkest type as well. The first one has a delicate aroma and maintains a liquid structure for a limited time.

The darkest type has a strong taste that can remind Chestnut honey. You can use this honey for dessert preparation or garnish a grilled swordfish too. The final taste will surprise you!

Let’s find a great honey collection at our online grocery store. 100% made in Italy with passion and respect for the environment and the honey bees.

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