Italian food and mushrooms

Italian Cuisine and Mushrooms

Alessandro Clemente

Why Mushrooms Are Popular in Italian Food

Fresh or dried, mushrooms are a special ingredient that deserves a place in your cookbook. You can eat them in many different ways, creating a delicious risotto or sauté them in a pan with a tablespoon of oil. 

Extra virgin olive oil from Italy has a high nutritional value and gives your dishes a unique flavor. Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes you can use the biggest ones and baste them with the olive oil. Alternatively, use your favorite mushrooms as a topping on your sandwich or as a secret ingredient for your hamburger.

Ready to find the perfect mushroom quality for your recipe? In the next paragraph, we will explore connections between Italian cuisine and mushrooms. Follow us on this culinary journey!

Three Popular Mushrooms in Italian Cuisine

1. Truffles

Let’s start with the most expensive types. You can use these mushrooms in different recipes; as a garnish for Italian pasta like fettuccine, tagliatelle or spaghetti. Truffle oil can help you give your pasta or risotto an unforgettable fragrance. Try black truffle in a soup too, a good companion in the cold weather. 



Black and white truffles are expensive because they're difficult to find and hard to grow. Italy and France are the best places to find black or white truffle but now you can find them in North Africa, the Pacific Northwest and the Middle East.

This is an elusive fungi and without the help of a trained dog, the chance to find them decreases every minute. That’s why truffles are the most expensive quality of mushrooms. Truffles grow underground, instead of mushrooms that typically grow above ground.


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Don’t you worry about it! You’ll find both black and white truffle at our online grocery store. For now, let’s talk about the differences between black and white ones.

Black truffle has strong aroma that is reminiscent of a woody flavor combined with an earthy, nutty flavor. White truffle is completely different and has more of a musky aroma.

Both white and black truffles give an incredible aroma to any dish and a distinctive, memorable taste. People either love them or hate them!

2. Champignon Mushrooms

Easy to prepare, these cultivated mushrooms are known as white mushrooms. They are one of the favorite ingredients for pizza, pasta and soup.

100 grams of Champignon mushrooms contains just 20 calories. They’re delicious when combined with organic fusilli pasta from Italy, or with scrambled eggs too.

They’re excellent for appetizers and as a common ingredient in Italian cuisine. You can add them to your Mutti cherries tomato sauce; two words: simply delicious!



Once you have washed them and removed the dirt, you could try raw Champignon mushrooms with salad or even baked in the oven with other vegetables such as potatoes.

Pasta from Italy could be the base to try different recipes such as tagliolini egg pasta with champignon mushrooms. This is a super easy recipe that can satisfy all of your guests. A final touch? Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese as topping.


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3. Porcini Mushrooms

Last but not least, we add to our list Porcini mushrooms. 100 grams of Porcini contain 27 calories. They have lots of antioxidants and can be considered a good protein’s source.


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This is a versatile ingredient for your recipe, great with risotto or served combined with meat.

If you think that fresh Porcini mushrooms are too expensive you can always try the dried ones. They’re cheaper and tastes almost like the fresh ones. You can create a porcini sauce with them, and use it on your favorite pasta -- like rigatoni.

With the biggest fresh ones, you can create a delicious burger, mixing this ingredient with smoked soft scamorza cheese to create a super snack for kids and friends.

This mushroom can be used for pizza too and it’s super fast to prepare. Enjoy it alone or you can combine it with other ingredients to make authentic Italian dishes! 

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post! Check out our Italian Grocery Store for more authentic Italian food products. 

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