Best Options of Italian Chocolates Online to Gift This Festive Season (1 Homemade Recipe)

Best Options of Italian Chocolates Online to Gift This Festive Season (1 Homemade Recipe)

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Chocolates are loved by everyone on every special occasion. It is sweet and delicious that cheers up both kids and adults alike. One can easily prepare it at home with simple ingredients. You can also buy Italian chocolates online to experience the rich flavor and its essence. There are several options such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa chocolate, milk chocolate and so on. Of course, all these have different tastes. 

Some are bittersweet, some are simply sweet, some will melt in the mouth with a warm taste, and some will also be flavored with a lot of other ingredients.

Giving chocolate gifts to your loved ones during festivals is a pleasant feeling. You can buy chocolates online or prepare them at home with love and care. Preparing Italian dark chocolate at home is quite simple if you have the right ingredients and recipes. A family gathering during the holiday season is incomplete without the best dark chocolate gifts so get started and DIY!

Recipe - Preparing Dark Chocolate at Home Using Simple Ingredients


  • A cup of cocoa powder
  • ½ cup of pure coconut oil (105 gm)
  • Honey (2 tablespoons) for using as a taste enhancer
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract for the essence
  • Salt


  • The first step involves melting the coconut oil properly so that it can be used. Use a small pot on a stove for this purpose melt it on low heat. One can also use a microwave to do the job quickly. To gain a fine texture, stirring it in between is also recommended. Remember if the flame is too high it might ruin the product and it can get stuck to the pot. If you are using a microwave, then set the timer to 30 seconds for safety.
  • When the oil is fully melted, it is time to add the ingredients to it to make the best dark chocolate. You can add the cocoa powder slowly. Mix it well and add the honey after it forms a thick constituent. Note that the honey is just for sweetening in case the cocoa is too bitter.
  • Once the above step has been completed, it’s time to give the finishing touches by adding flavors and essence. Sprinkle some sea salt on it and pour one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract on it. 
  • You need to whisk and stir it completely until all the ingredients dissolve. There should be no remaining lumps of powder or oil on the side of the bowl.
  • Now, you will need a lined baking pan for pouring the chocolate batter and giving it a proper shape. You can also pour it into silicone molds. Keep it in the deep freezer for about an hour so that it hardens. If it is not done within that time, leave it a little longer and enjoy the delicious dark chocolate as Christmas sweet gifts. It must be stored in the refrigerator so that the constituency does not melt and turns into a lump again. 

  • For a creamier and more delightful option, buy the Baci extra dark chocolate on Italian Food Online Store to send as a symbol of love to your dear ones this holiday season. They are the best Italian dark chocolate and will melt in your mouth, giving a delicious experience to the taste buds. These are also available in several flavors such as almond, mint and so on. 

    During the holiday season, a lot of people are looking for the best chocolate gifts to send to family and friends. It is a symbol of love during the celebration. Italian Food Online Store will spoil you with their amazing choices. Buy chocolates online and savor the bittersweet Italian dark chocolate

    Looking for reasons to gift chocolates this festive season? Check out these dark chocolate benefits.

    Happy shopping!

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