Where to buy Italian Organic Semolina

Five Reasons to Buy Organic Semolina

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Here at italianfoodonlinestore.com, we offer Molino Grassi’s Organic Semolina flour, which makes a wonderful, healthy ingredient to any kitchen.

Made from pure durum wheat, this flour gives everything from pizza crusts and bread a wonderfully chewy yet fluffy texture, and its also an excellent choice for creating fresh pasta as well! Certified organic and GMO free, this semolina flour is just as good for your body as it is for your taste buds.

As we will see below, not all flours are created alike. There are different kinds, and organic semolina is just one. So why should you use organic semolina flour? And what exactly is it anyway?

Many different baking flours are made from common wheat, which is a kind of catch-all phrase that refers to the vast majority of the world’s wheat harvest. There are other substitutes for semolina flour aside from all-purpose wheat flour, including corn meal and/or bread flour.

Semolina, however, as we’ve discussed above, is made from pure ground durum wheat. You can see the difference between other flours and semolina flour simply by looking at it. For one thing, it is much more coarsely ground, and instead of a stark white color, semolina flour is darker, with a golden hue. It also smells earthier than traditional baking flour. While semolina is used all over the world, and is primarily grown in the middle east, it’s most popular in creating authentic Italian cuisine!

Let’s discover five reasons for buying organic semolina.

1. Organic Semolina is Delicious and Healthy

Organic Semolina is a healthy addition to nearly any diet, although some people may not be able to tolerate it due to its high gluten content. It is also not a good choice for anyone allergic to wheat.

For those who can, adding organic semolina flour to the diet is an easy and delicious way to up your nutrition, as its high in B vitamins as well as folate, thiamin, iron and magnesium. It can help with maintaining a healthy heart and cholesterol levels, as well as with regulating blood sugar.

2. Organic Semolina Can Help with Weight Management

Organic semolina is high in fiber and protein. These are both important in helping the body feel energized as well as allowing you to stay fuller longer, which means you are less likely to engage in snacking between meals. 

In fact, there are many studies that have shown that a diet which is rich in fiber and high in protein assists tremendously with loosing weight and keeping it off.

3. Organic Semolina Makes the Best Pasta

The stretchy, coarse flour which makes up organic semolina flour results in pasta which has a wonderfully chewy texture that is absolutely perfect for creating almost any kind of noodle.

As any chef knows, the quality of a dish is directly dependent upon the quality of the ingredients used, so creating pasta dishes from pasta made with organic semolina flour gives you a perfect building block to make everything from linguini and spaghetti to rigatoni and tortellini.


4. Organic Semolina Can Keep You Healthy

Another benefit that comes from the high protein content in organic semolina is its ability to boost your immune system.

This is because protein is a vital part of creating antibodies, which are what control your body’s response to fighting off bacteria, viruses and illness.

5. Organic Semolina Can Help with the Aging Process

Organic semolina flour contains selenium, which is an antioxidant that helps prevent DNA from breaking down. It also helps with protecting the skin as it binds to free radicals, which prevents them from damaging skin cells.

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