Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherrys

Fabbri1905: Amarena Wild cherries tradition and much more

Alessandro Clemente

Beginning in 1905, the history and tradition of this Italian company have grown, performing great results. From the Amarena wild cherries recipe, created by Rachele Buriani, to the creativity and the vision of her husband and founder Gennaro Fabbri, a great history has begun. Let’s find out the different products crafted and created by this 100% Italian Company.

A great Vision

This story begins with a secret recipe and wild cherries, made by Rachele Buriani in 1905.

A year so important to have its special place next to the Brand’s name. Right now, Fabbri is one of the famous Italian companies in the confectionery, ice cream and pastry sector.

The lovers of sweets will be surprised by the quality of the Amarena wild cherries in Syrup. They are great as a topping upon your ice creams and desserts, or you can enjoy this product as it is. Plus, the jar that contains them is the perfect decoration for your kitchen.

There are a lot of recipes with the Amarena wild cherries, from Amarena biscuits to chocolate and Amarena cakes. Your curiosity and imagination is the only limit!

Fabbri’s Vision is a triumphant mix of great essence, enthusiasm and innovation. A success that is best reflected in Fabbri’s certified training worldwide.

Ice cream and pastries

Spring and Summer are the best seasons to enjoy a great ice cream. But if you want to prepare a great and unforgettable ice cream or sorbet, Fabbri's preparation for Ice cream and pastries are the answer.

From the classic Tiramisù, to the creamy Vanilla, Delipaste niche will satisfy the ice cream professionals and amateurs. Most of these products are gluten-free and can improve your pastry and incredible frozen desserts.

Our favorite? But the Creamy wild cherry Amarena fruit paste, of course!

Gourmet Sauce

Fabbri’s product offer embraces different niches to create a 360 tasting experience. The Gourmet sauces are the perfect example of this great vision. Those garnishments are gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan friendly.

At our online store, you will find three Gourmet sauces that will enchant you: Caramel, Orange and Wild Cherry.

Made with premium ingredients, the Gourmet sauce line is a great way to customize plated desserts, frozen cakes and ice creams.

Mixy Bar

Created for bartenders and drinks aficionados, Mixy Bar by Fabbri collects different flavours that remind Italy tradition and add new essences. The Orzata syrup is great support for your brunch or Summer drinks.

You can use it to create smoothies and granitas, great in the summertime or any time of the year.

With the Caramel syrup you can give a rich sprint to your coffee or cappuccino, using it as a garnish for cakes and desserts too. It’s sweetness will conquer your sweet tooth, no doubt about it!

And if you don’t like these syrups you can always try the Vanilla one.

Explore and find the great quality of Fabbri at our online store. You will be surprised by the richness of the offer.

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