Christmas Dinner Made Even More Exciting with a Traditional Italian Twist - Buy Pandoro Cake Online

Christmas Dinner Made Even More Exciting with a Traditional Italian Twist - Buy Pandoro Cake Online

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Originally known as the "Vienna bread", Pandoro cake has its root in Verona. Legends have it that a famous Italian chef Domenico Melegatti birthed it in the late 19th century which is enjoyed by every Italian even to this day. "Pandoro" means golden bread and it was simply an attempt to evoke certain royal Venetian cakes which were covered with gold leaves for serving the aristocrats back then. This bright yellow coloured star-shaped Pandoro cake is relished during the traditional winter holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can buy Pandoro cake online for the next holiday dinner and serve it with icing sugar for a delightful ending to a traditional Italian meal.

Having somewhat similarities with a French brioche, Pandoro Italian cake has a golden exterior and is baked from richly prepared dough made with eggs and flour. This exquisite cake from Bella Italia has been modelled after the mountains near Verona and that's why they resemble the shape of an eight-pointed (edged) star. It has a soft texture with moist insides and fragrant vanilla flavour. The key characteristic of this cake is that it is distinctly fluffy and it totally depends on how well the dough has been prepared. In some cases, Italian Pandoro can be infused with the goodness of some candied fruits to give a nice twist to the flavours. Lastly, it is served with icing sugar on top that not only elevated the look but also the taste.

If you want to enjoy classic Italian Pandoro, there are certain brands whose products must be tried such as Fabbri, Bauli and Battistero. Over the years, as culinary artists have experimented and perfected the recipe of Pandoro Italian cake, these brands are responsible for selling some of the best versions of them.

How Do You Enjoy Pandoro? 

As per Italian culture, Pandoro cake is served during Christmas and New Year- the most awaited holidays of winter season. Traditionally, it is decorated with mascarpone cheese but as days passed, people have started enjoying it with chocolate custard or cream. The Pandoro Christmas cake is such a popular item in Italy; it is often eaten with a cup of hot Espresso during breakfast or after lunch. Originally, the best combination is a glass of Prosecco with a buttery flaky Pandoro cake while making the holiday toast. 

We have all heard of the sweetbread Panettone. Well, get ready to be trendy during this Christmas because Pandoro is considered as the new Panettone. You can buy Pandoro cake online or try a classic Pandoro cake recipe at home to bake something yummy with the simple ingredients bought from the local bazaar.

How to Decorate a Delicious Pandoro Tree This Christmas?

Make this classic Italian-style dessert all "Christmassy" and pretty with simple ingredients that will showcase your decoration skills as well.  Buy Pandoro cake from an authentic Italian bakery and get started.


  • A cup of heavy whipping cream 
  • Half cup of mascarpone cheese 
  • Powdered sugar 
  • White sprinkles 
  • Toasted almonds 
  • Vanilla extract for the cream 

Steps to Follow 

  1. You need to start by beating the mascarpone cheese with powdered sugar. 
  2. When it gets thicker, add the cream and beat until it forms stiff peaks. 
  3. It's time to slice the Pandoro cake horizontally but very carefully so that the pointy star-shaped edges are not broken. Place them in ascending order of size (the largest at the bottom) 
  4. Between each layer of Pandoro, spread the cream mixture infused with toasted almonds.  
  5. Once you are done, garnish the whole tree with white sprinkles and icing sugar. 

The decoration will take some time to set so the best thing to do is keep it in the refrigerator for a while so that when the guests arrive, it's all nice and cool.

Where to Buy Authentic Pandoro Online? 

If you want to taste the richness of Italian Pandoro, there is no place you'd rather be than Italian Food Online Store. The two best sellers are Pandoro Oven Baked Cake with Creamy Filling & Chocolate Chips "Stracciatella" by Bauli and Pandoro Oven Baked Cake with Candied Black Cherries Borsari by Fabbri. 

If you want to buy Pandoro cake online from our store, simply add the items to cart and while checking out, furnish your shipping and contact details. All the products are 100% authentic, being imported from the supermarkets in Italy. We are also delighted to inform that heavy orders worth $69 or above will be delivered free of shipping charges. As the holiday season is approaching, it's time you get your favourite Pandoro cakes at discounted prices from Italian Food Online Store. 

Hope you have an amazing holiday cake shopping!

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