Italian cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes: What To Do With Them

Alessandro Clemente

What To Do With Cherry Tomatoes

Italian cherry tomatoes, also known in Italy as "pomodori ciliegini" are the small, juicy and round tomatoes. They kind of look like cherries; hence the name. They also are sweet in taste. Packed with lycopene, these delicious Italian fruits (yes, tomatoes are fruits) are great in defense of free radicals. Lycopene is crucial in maintaining a healthy immune system, and is a powerhouse at helping your skin not absorb too much UV rays, thus reducing damage from the sun.

Our Italian Supermarket has a large variety of cherry tomato products. We have cherry tomatoes in tomato juice, organic cherry tomato sauce, yellow cherry tomatoes, pure cherry tomato puree by Agromonte and much more!

Before we go on to talk about what you can do with cherry tomatoes we want to answer some questions that some of you may have!

What are the best canned Italian tomatoes?

Everyone has their own preferences as to which canned tomatoes are the best. While many may flock to San Marzano tomatoes, some prefer to buy Poma Rosa tomatoes and others like Mutti Cherry Tomatoes. It all depends on your taste requirements.

Why are Italian tomatoes so good?

Italian tomatoes tend to be grown in a more fertile location and harvested when completely ripened. Italians really take pride in their gardens and home-grown food that even on a larger scale (companies) it is preferable to treat commercial gardens like they were a smaller garden - with love and care! The volcanic soil and proximity to the sea might also be an added factor. 

Is Pomodoro a type of tomato?

If you've ever heard of pomodoro di Pachino - differing varieties of tomatoes that come from the Province of Syracuse, namely Sicily - you will know that these tomatoes are sweet and packed with an amazing flavor. The flesh of these tomatoes are very succulent, leaving all who eat them completely satisfied.

Popular Cherry Tomato Recipes:

For the different ways you can use can use cherry tomatoes, the first is going to be a little different:

1. Marinara Sauce:

While Italian marinara sauce is usually made with Roma tomatoes, the following recipe can be done using our Poma Rosa cherry tomatoes. Check out Rocco's recipe in the video below. It's a quick and easy one. If you do use the cherry tomatoes, all you have to do is blend first and then use the blended sauce for your marinara.


2. Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes:

This recipe is super easy! All you need is cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 375 F. You can use the final product on pizza, in a salad or whichever makes you happy!


3. Bruschetta:

Take two cans of our Mutti Cherry Tomatoes and drain them until all the sauce has been removed. Add about three clove of minced garlic to them and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. To this beautiful mixture, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and chopped fresh basil. Salt and pepper to taste! 

Top your freshly toasted bread with this delicious mix and enjoy!


how to use cherry tomatoes 


4. Tagliatelle With Cherry Tomatoes:

Chop up some onions - preferably a Vidalia onion for the sweetness. Sauté until golden brown in some olive oil and add some chopped garlic to the mix. Boil your water for the pasta in the meantime. 

To your garlic and onions, add your can of cherry tomatoes and let this simmer for a few minutes. Once you think it's ready add it to your tagliatelle pasta! Voila - a vegan Italian quick recipe!

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