Authentic Italy on Your Plate - How to Make the Creamiest Risotto with Carnaroli Rice?

Authentic Italy on Your Plate - How to Make the Creamiest Risotto with Carnaroli Rice?

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Dated back to 1945, rice grower Ettore De Vecchi discovered a new variety of rice near Milan, in the fields of Paullo. It was the Carnaroli rice which is considered to be the best variety for the famous dish of Bella Italia, Risotto, to this day also. It was found out that Carnaroli rice was obtained by crossing two varieties such as Vialone Nero and Lencino. It is also referred to as the “king” or caviar of Italian rice because of its high-quality and fine texture. 

If you want to prepare a delicious traditional Italian meal at home, Risotto with Italian Carnaroli rice is the perfect choice. The famous Italian brands that bring some of the finest Carnaroli rice deserve a special mention in this respect- Borgo de Medici, Scotti, Curtiriso, Fior di Maiella and so on. They offer the best Carnaroli rice in supermarkets. You can also get it from a popular rice online store at a decent price. 

What Makes Carnaroli Rice Ideal for Risotto?

At present, it is grown in the rice fields of Piedmont and Lombardy, in Northwest Italy. For the best one has to put in the greatest efforts- the saying is appropriate for Carnaroli because it is very difficult to grow. The stems are prone to break and are also susceptible to disease.

Want to cook Risotto to perfection? Choose nothing but Carnaroli rice. This native Vercelli rice is medium-grained and has a high starch content. Its firm texture helps to retain the shape perfectly after cooking. Here’s the best part- it is resistant to overcooking. Even if you stir it a bit more than required, you will get the perfect bite. 

Not only that, but Italian Carnaroli rice is also the tastiest. This is because it has been whitened with helix to keep the grains intact. You can get all the nutritional values of brown rice here because all the rice germs are absorbed in the grains. 

It is said that the creamiest Risottos are made from Carnaroli rice. Its capacity to absorb liquid is simply perfect and prevents the dish from getting soggy or gummy. The Amylose starch helps to maintain the hard inner kennel while cooking. 

Buy the best Carnaroli rice from the local bazaar and prepare yummy Italian treats at home any time!

Special Recipe to Prepare the Creamiest Risotto with Carnaroli Rice 


  • Finely chopped half an onion
  • 2 cups of Carnaroli rice
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • Butter cubes (unsalted)
  • Chicken or vegetable stock (3 cups)
  • A cup of white wine
  • Grated parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper

Steps to Prepare

  1. Take a boiling pan and pour in the stock. Set the oven to high heat at first then lower it to a medium. 
  2. Put salt and pepper and let it simmer. 
  3. In another heavy-bottomed pan, melt the butter cubes. 
  4. Start sauteing the onion until they turn light brown or golden. 
  5. This would be the perfect time to toss in the Carnaroli rice. 
  6. Set the heat at high and keep on stirring so that the butter is absorbed by the grains perfectly. 
  7. When you see the rice has absorbed all the butter, pour in the white wine. 
  8. After it has evaporated completely, ladle in the stock gradually. 
  9. At this point, you will notice that the constituency is sloppier than dry. If it is dry, you can add the vegetable oil. 
  10. Let it simmer on low heat for 13 minutes. In some cases, it gets done before. The key is to keep on checking it constantly. 

When it’s al dente, turn off the heat and sprinkle the grated parmesan on top of your Carnaroli Rice Risotto to serve. 

What Is the Best Place to Buy Carnaroli Rice Online?

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